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Label finishing

One of the tasks of packaging is to catch the eye of potential buyers. To achieve this, the packaging must stand out and be unique, which is greatly helped by decorations that give it a unique character.


whole or selectively printed varnishes:

  • shiny,

  • matte,

  • pearl,

  • soft touch,

  • swelling and much more.

Foil Lamination:

  • transparent,

  • matte,

  • barrier,

  • metallic,

  • holographic.

Special paints:

  • fluorescent,

  • imitating metallic laminates,

  • security,

  • luminescent,

  • metallic.

Screen printing


Label finishing

The label finishing makes it possible to originally distinguish the product, highlight its exclusive character, and attract customers potentially interested in buying it. We produce various types of labels, including those decorated with special foil or varnish. We can also produce items in gold or silver.We print our labels on a various raw materials - it all depends on the customer's needs!However, regardless of your choice, the advanced technology used by us makes decorative labels aesthetically pleasing. They can be used in food, cosmetics and many other industries.The experience we have in the field of print finishing has been highly appreciated by customers on many occasions.

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What are the types of label finishing?

Finishing of labels can be done in several ways, which we always select depending on the use of the product. Among the most popular we can definitely include:

Cold stamping - the technique of placing a special foil (such as silver and gold or colored foil) on the raw material. It is applied across the entire label or only to a part of the selected area. We offer top quality cold stamping labels that are perfect for a variety of industries.We use this technique for product finishing and marking, or label protection - especially in the case of holographic foil.We offer various types of foils, which we additionally have printed.Cold stamping provides the ability to make very small parts with precision, that is why it is so commonly used.

Laminating - finishing labels by coating the surface with a special foil, which protects their top layer from UV radiation, moisture, and also increases resistance to abrasion. Thus, the customer gets a very durable product that will last for a long time in perfect condition. Moreover, lamination intensifies the effect and gives the graphics more depth.

Full or selective varnishing- while the first technique is nothing new, selectively varnished decorative labels may raise some doubts. This is a spot technique that involves applying UV varnish locally on the label. Due to radiation, the applied layer hardens, making the surface more exposed, more clear and eye-catching.

What exactly is the cold stamp technique?

|Cold stamping is a technique of applying cold foil using an adhesive and polymer, without the need to purchase expensive embossing plates. We propose cold stamping on paper and foil labels.You can find cold stamping foil in gold, silver and holographic colors. By using this technique, the label will stand out visually. This type of finishing is used among others in the cosmetics, food and chemical industries.Thanks to cold stamping, you achieve elegant decoration of given graphic elements or text on labels.

What makes fluorescent labels different?

We also provide our customers with popular fluorescent labels, which are ideal for product labeling. Due to their reflective properties, they are much more visible than traditionally printed designs.They catch the attention of consumers in markets or on store shelves.They come in yellow, green, red and orange. Thanks to their bright colors and high visibility, these labels can perform warning functions.

What are holographic labels?

In the offer of the A-Z Color printing house could also not miss such an element as holographic labels.They are perfect as a seal, carrying out a protective function. They are placed, among others, on CD packaging, payment cards, etc. Also worth noting are the aesthetics of the holographic foils.Packages or items with such labels very quickly catch the consumers' attention and raise their interest.

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