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Braille labels

Technological possibilities:

  • up to 10 colors printed in flexographic technology,
  • up to 2 colors printed in screen printing technology,
  • maximum 9 colors printed in combinated technology, e. g. 9 flexo + 1 screen,
  • maximum width of the printed web 440 mm,
  • maximum repeatability of printing 558,80 mm,
  • printing on the adhesive side and two-layer,
  • numbering labels in roles,
  • refinement with metallic and holographic laminates, varnishes,






Braille labels are a mandatory part of the labeling of pharmaceutical products, under regulations intended to make it easier for people with disabilities to move easily in public areas. Producers of both foodstuffs and electronics are also adopting embossed prints on their products with increasingly greater frequency. Our Braille label printing company is the place where you will get labels that significantly improve the quality of life for blind people.

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A-Z Color - producer of Braille labels

A-Z Color is a Braille label printing company, where we have the necessary machine facilities to create embossed prints in favor of the needs of the blind. We make these types of labels using screen printing technology. Due to the wide range of printing options we offer at our printing house, it is possible to achieve a satisfactory spot embossing effect, so that people with disabilities have no problem with the identification of a given product among other similar ones. We are always happy to advise our customers on choosing the right printing technique, as we offer various ways to print text in Braille. Depending on the thickness, texture or type of paper to be printed, we are able to choose the best way to apply the embossed dots, which will allow a blind person to read the information on the label comfortably and without problems.

Why is it important to Braille labels?

As a producer of braille labels, we are observing increased interest not only from pharmaceutical producers, but also food products and other articles, in traditional and self-adhesive labels with language markings for the blind.This is the result of growing interest in the needs of this customer group and the intention to adapt the products available on the market to their identification capabilities.Due to special spots on the label, a blind person can recognize the product to purchase, and this convenience can be an additional impulse for them to stay loyal to a respective brand. We technologically adapt our Braille labels to the printing capabilities of the chosen format, shape or paper they are made of. All this so that the producer is not forced to change the entire graphic identification of his product, but can only order the printing of further labels enriched with Braille text.With the increasing competition in the market for various goods, it is important to make sure that they are available to as many consumers as possible.Braille text on the product's packaging is a small financial effort in comparison to the benefits that can be gained by being recognized globally as a producer that cares about the needs of people with disabilities.This is definitely a worthwhile pursuit, and we encourage you to do so by offering a wide range of label embossing printing services.

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