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OPP labels, OPP wrap-around labels, OPP foil

OPP wrapers, bottle label printing

Technological posibilities:

  • up to 10 colors printed in flexographic technology,

  • maximum width of the printed web 820mm,

  • maximum repeatability of printing 587,38 mm,

  • two-sided printing,

  • DPG marking,

  • finishing with selective varnishes, laminates, etc.,


OPP Labels

In the extensive offer of the A-Z Color printing house, the OPP foil labels, have gained their stable place, having a particular use in the food industry. Polypropylene foil is chemically neutral when it comes into contact with food, so it is an ideal solution for labeling systems for vegetables, sweets, bakery products and any packaged goods.That approval for contact with food products does not reduce the use of the OPP label in other economic fields as well. Our OPP labels and wrappers are gaining popularity in the cosmetic and medical sectors, where chemical neutralization is becoming a priority for packaging.

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A-Z Color printing house customers are being offered to make impressive and durable labels from polypropylene film. We provide a wide range of versions of marking products.

We use OPP sleeves, plastic bags for vacuum packaging or roll labels.Regardless of the nature of your business, we can customize a product to meet your specific requirements. The flexibility of A-Z Color's production processes comes from our huge experience and the access to our own machinery, based on the world's finest flexographic printers.

Polypropylene foil and its use in label production

OPP foil is an efficient product with unlimited adaptability.The advantages of polypropylene foil are focused around its mechanical strength and ability to be easily applied to the surface of the packaging.The process of applying the OPP label takes advantage of the material's receptivity to high temperatures, as a result of which it shrinks and perfectly adheres to the selected structure. One-sided activated OPP foil is characterized by its aesthetic appearance.It gives the items an intense shine and provides an effective barrier against the penetration of moisture and other contaminants.We will meet all kinds of OPP wrappers on the equipment of baking companies, who are creating original concepts for sweet baked confectionery. Packaging of ready to sell food product with polypropylene foil enhances the final effect and encourages the purchase.At the A-Z Color printing company, we also produce OPP foil labels for the textile and cosmetics markets.

Production of OPP foil labels

The OPP foil that we use for labels meets the rigorous requirements of industrial companies who are looking for trusted and cost-effective methods of marking large batches of goods. Production of OPP foil labels remains our long-standing area of specialty. We adjust each step of technological process to the expectations of the customers. The final product is distinguished by its versatility of use and more than average resistance to damage. Get in touch with A-Z Color's experts, who will adjust the label model to meet the requirements you have outlined.

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