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Foil laminates, flexible packaging and sachets

Printed laminates for food, household

and construction chemicals and cosmetics

Technological possibilities:

  • up to 10 colors printed in flexographic technology,

  • maximum width 820mm,

  • maximum repeatability of printing 587,38 mm,

  • refinement with metallic and holographic laminates, etc.,


Some products require packaging with much better performance, durability and a high level of hygiene. It is with them in mind that foil laminates were developed, as well as sachets.They can be used to safely store goods that are especially exposed to the harmful effects of the external factors. Therefore, they could not be missing from the A-Z Color offer.

Printed foil laminates - advantages and applications

One of the most requested types of packaging is food laminates.They are approved for use in food processing factories. In addition, they provide the tightness that is essential to maintain freshness and protect against the ingress of contaminants.Also worth noting is the high resistance to mechanical damage. Printed foil laminates are distinguished by their durability, which is useful for long-term storage of food, cosmetics and various types of chemicals (including household and construction chemicals).

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We make products in various combinations of raw materials and with refinement by varnishes. In addition, flexible packages can have top printing, as well as article labels in the form of two- or three-layer laminates (Duplex and Triplex).

Packaging for dry and liquid products

The films on offer are universal.They can be used as packaging for liquid and dry products at the same time. This is a very important improvement for industries producing a wide variety of products. After all, a singular printed foil package can be used for a variety of purposes.They can also be used to secure compact articles. Also in this case, packaging for dry products will work great. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the films are compatible with horizontal packaging systems, which operate at speeds reaching up to several hundred packages per hour.

Production of sachets and packaging foils

As a reliable producer of sachets, we focus primarily on quality.This is proven by the approvals and certificates awarded to our products. In the context of food contact packaging, the BRC P&PM Food Safety System Certification has a special importance.This enables us to ensure that production follows the strictest guidelines, which has a direct impact on the safety of food stored in foil. Furthermore, we use high-quality materials that provide sufficient durability and resistance. These include PP and PET lamination, and even barrier laminates. In this way, the production of sachets allows you to obtain products that are protected from dryness or the ingress of moisture, light, odors and similar factors that can have a negative impact on the quality of products.

Modern producer of foil laminates

We are capable of producing films with a maximum width of 820 mm, a print repeatability of up to 587.38 mm and finished with laminates (including metallic or holographic).This makes packaging for liquid or dry products applicable even in the most demanding industries.This is because we are able to meet customer expectations.

Foil laminates - quality comes first

Used for packaging of goods, foil laminates and flexible packaging should be characterized, by high quality of manufacture - safety of products, hermetic sealing of packaging combined with aesthetics of production, these are the features that distinguish our laminates, sachets and printed foil packaging. We understand the requirements of our customers and for years we have been using the highest possible standards and taking care of the smallest details at every stage of production. For more information, please contact us by phone or email, which we strongly recommend to you. The producer of foil laminates will answer any questions related to the product range, as well as advise on the selection of the most favorable solution for the goods.

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