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Shrink sleeve labels. Shrink sleeves

Shrink labels

Technological possibilities:

  • up to 10 colors printed in flexographic technology,

  • maximum width of the formed sleeve 400 mm,

  • maximum repeatability of printing 587,38 mm,

  • Refinement with metallic and holographic laminates, etc.,

  • printing also from the outside, e.g. matt varnish,

  • performing longitudinal and transverse perforation, and skidding

  • delivered in rolls or cut into pieces.

Shrink sleeve labels

Packaging production poses a number of challenges for entrepreneurs.

The necessity to combine security, information and image functions is a tough nut for companies to crack.

In response to the needs of production facilities, we have developed innovative concepts for production the shrink sleeve label, which provides a solution for the most demanding applications.

Flexographic A-Z Color printing house specializes in the production of labels for a wide range of industries.

Shrink sleeve is the English term for shrink sleeve technology used to tightly wrap any rigid packaging. The labels available from us resemble an elongated sleeve of plastic film.

Once applied to the target packaging and heated to the appropriate temperature, the result is a durable, effective coating with the required information printed on.

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Shrink sleeve labels allow you to personalize the look of your packaging and stand out from the many competitive offers.

The A-Z Color printing house deals with production of high-resolution prints.

The phenomenon of the shrink sleeve label lies in the perfect adhesion of the film to any surface. Targeted, controlled shrinkage guarantees the perfect aesthetics of the finished label.

We invite you to the A-Z Color printing house as a place to carry out complex projects for your marking labelling system.

Our printing house uses modern machinery and the expert know-how of our staff to ensure the highest technical and visual quality of the finished labels.

Shrink sleeves labels and their use in buisness

Shrink sleeve is mainly found in the production and advertising industry, where the visual aspect plays just as important a role as the quality of the manufactured product. Labels produced from shrink sleeve film provide the desired originality. At the same time, they are the ideal protection against external factors that may affect the goods during transport to the various distribution points. The A-Z Color print house is becoming a place for complex supply of durable film labels to entrepreneurs. We help your products stand out from the sea of goods stacked on the shelf. Placing a high value on packaging aesthetics results in increased turnover. Customers pay attention to the interesting, unusual form of presentation.

Shrink sleeves labels fulfil this role perfectly, becoming a versatile promotional tool.

The use of shrink sleeves is focused on those industries where goods placed in hard metal, glass or plastic packaging predominate. The offer of the A-Z Color printing house is used by companies striving to give each product an individual character.

We also produce a shrink sleeve for bottles, an indispensable part of equipment for companies producing sweetened beverages, beers, wines and bottled water.

The offer of our printing house knows no limits. We remain open to new forms of cooperation. We are able to adapt the shrink label production line to the customer's expectations.

Types of shrink film labels

We offer shrink sleeve labels in several basic types. Among other things, we produce shrink sleeves labels which prevent unauthorized opening of the product.

We reserve this type of labelling in particular for producers of medical products, food supplements and cosmetics.

A damage of the label becomes immediately visible and warns the buyer that the item is defective. The Tamper Evident Labels shrink sleeve performs the functions as a seal for a variety of electronic products.

Another type of shrink sleeves labels remains the so-called Full Body Labels, the foil labels covering the entire surface of the packaging.

Shrink sleeve marking systems protect the entire packaging against contamination, mechanical damage and tearing.

At the same time, their technical specifications have an important marketing significance - a product covered entirely with an interesting print looks great and allows brand recognition to be built up more effectively.

A-Z Color printing house also produces multipacks. The offer applies to both standard products packaged in multiples (e.g. a pack of mineral water) and promotional combinations that require non-standard solutions. The extension of our range remains shrink sleeve for glass and plastic bottles. This type of shrink sleeve labels has been met with enthusiasm by many wine producers, giving them the opportunity to impressively personalize the appearance of each bottle.

Printing house of shrink sleeves

Shrink-film labels are the specialty of the A-Z Color printing house. We work on world-class printing machines. Combined with an individual approach to the customer and optimization of production costs, our offer is gaining widespread recognition among small, medium and large companies. Give us a call and let us know your needs. We will match them with the right shrink sleeve labels as the finalization of any production line.

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