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Self-adhesive labels

Industrial labels,
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Technological possibilities:

  • up to 10 colors printed in flexographic technology,

  • up to 2 colors printed in screen printing technology,

  • maximum 9 colors printed in combinated technology, e. g. 9 flexo + 1 screen,

  • maximum width of the printed web 440 mm,

  • maximum repeatability of printing 558,80 mm,

  • printing signs for the Blind and Braille,

  • printing on the adhesive side and two-layer,

  • numbering labels in roles,

  • peel-Off labels,

  • refinement with metallic and holographic laminates, varnishes, etc.


Self-adhesive labels in AZ Color

Labeling of product goes far beyond the mere information function.

The forwarding of legally required information about goods should be completed by an interesting graphic design of the label, which will allow to stand out from the competitors. A-Z Color Printing House has an advanced machine park, where self-adhesive labels are created for a variety of applications. Our business remains focused on maximizing benefits for business customers.

The production of self-adhesive labels at A-Z Color, guarantees that you will get an interesting marking media for retail goods, so you will improve brand recognition and meet regulatory standards.

We offer both standard self-adhesive labels and laminated products with improved wear resistance.

The applications for labels leaving the A-Z Color machinery park, remain nearly unlimited.

Among the contractors of the A-Z Color flexographic printing house, are small and large entities from the cosmetic, medical, food or automotive industries.

Regardless of the nature of your business, we are able to customize labels.

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Self-adhesive labels on a roll

One product that deserves a separate discussion is convenient self-adhesive labels on a roll. Such solutions are ideally suited to the concept of automatic marking of goods with dedicated applicators.

We produce self-adhesive roll labels using flexographic printing.

By using high-performance, high-resolution printers, we can prepare legible and aesthetically pleasing marking media.

We provide self-adhesive labels on a roll in numerous sizes. You can easily adjust every parameter of the marking system, taking into account such factors as the dimensions of the packaging, the roughness of the surface, the presence of harmful environmental factors or the distance from which buyers are able to see the product.

A-Z Color experts will be happy to advise you at the stage of selecting the optimal product.

Our 30 years of experience results in a thorough understanding of the needs of industrial entrepreneurs, for whom self-adhesive labels with their own printing prove to be an indispensable element of the production line.

Our labels are created on a variety of substrates for various business purposes.

We produce matte and glossy paper labels. We also make self-adhesive labels with printing on white or transparent foil. Part of our production is also labels on special materials. The wide range of products in the A-Z Color printing house responds to the needs of a variety of factories, where goods marking systems must be characterized by far-reaching size and technological flexibility.

Self-adhesive labels with custom printing

We present an offer including self-adhesive labels with your own imprint, made to individual order.

The investment in original and durable labels pays off in the form of accelerated product popularization and taking sales to a new level. Production of self-adhesive labels at A-Z Color is subject to rigorous quality control procedures. This gives us complete confidence in the perfect implementation of each individual label that goes to the customer. Custom-printed labels speed up the labeling process. You can order labels that meet your needs and vision for the development of your business. Automating the marking of goods with self-adhesive labels is becoming an important step in improving the efficiency of inventory management and offering products in elegant packaging.

Laminated self-adhesive labels

Laminating of self-adhesive labels improves their resistance to scratching, abrasion of the information layer or tearing. The application of a thin layer of transparent film effectively protects the label from the effects of the weather conditions, which quickly leads to the destruction of standard marking.

Our laminated self-adhesive labels are stand out by their increased resistance to chemicals commonly found in industrial plants.

Soiling of the paper label with machine grease or oil can result in illegibility for barcode recording equipment.

Self-adhesive laminated labels solve such problems by remaining resistant to the unfavorable conditions of production, transport and storage of goods.

We produce self-adhesive labels small and large, covered with an effective laminate. Where color intensity is an important part of effective communication, we offer a glossy lamination process. The A-Z Color printing house is distinguished by its unconventional approach to label production. All our products are made from high-quality components. Through efficiency and cost optimization, we can offer a competitive price for the finished label. We look forward to working with you. We will create self-adhesive labels for you that will win the hearts of consumers and improve the sales of your products.


Labels for printers

The label is printed on thermal paper or on the raw material covered with thermal transfer varnish. This gives a wide range of possibilities in applications both in logistics and even the food industry, where frequent changes of dates, serial numbers and compositions are required.

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