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Labels for printers

Technological possibilities:

  • up to 10 colors printed in flexographic technology,
  • maximum width of the printed web 440 mm,






Inkjet printers in commercial conditions have long been a thing of the past. Nowadays, both more efficient and more durable solutions are being used.In a matter such as labels, the printer should work with high-quality materials to achieve the best possible efficiency. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced products with extensive technological capabilities.

Where will self-adhesive labels for printers be useful?

A number of companies choose to print the labels themselves. The best examples of this are wholesalers, warehouses and retail stores.There thermal labels work best because of the necessity to have all products labeled.Without this, the work would be much more difficult. Fortunately, labels for Bizerba printers solve all the inconveniences of space layout.

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It is also worth noting shipping companies. As a producer of thermal labels, we are very well aware of the fact that courier shipments must have legible and highly durable marking.Our products are made for industries that cannot compromise on quality.

A-Z Color labels for printers - key benefits of use

The available labels for Zebra, Bizerba and other brands of printers are mainly distinguished by their durability.They are resistant to harmful external factors (such as strong sunlight), as well as mechanical damage (such as tearing). In addition, they very well adhere to the surface due to the high quality self-adhesive layer. Thus, thermal labels for printers completely eliminate the risk of spontaneous removal from cardboard, shelving, domestic equipment or identification plates.To this should be added clear and legible print. As a producer of thermal labels for printers, we have ensured that each printed graphic is highly aesthetic. As a result, they are a fine addition to the overall presentation of products - especially premium brands.

Thermal and thermal transfer labels on offer

The products allow the printing up to 10 colors in flexo technology with 440 mm maximum web width. In addition, the labels for printers are suitable for printing in two different technologies.The first of these is known as thermal. The A-Z Color producer of thermal labels recommends them especially for use where the package or goods will be at the recipient's within a few days.They compensate for the lower durability with a much lower production cost, which is especially useful for large-scale courier shipments. This is because thermal labels for Zebra printers do not require an investment in other supplies, such as toners or inks.

The thermal transfer labels are an entirely different solution. They use color dye to achieve satisfying results. In addition, these types of labels for Bizerba printers have a much more durable feature. They maintain legibility and a consistent structure even after contact with harmful external factors.Self-adhesive labels for thermal printers are an excellent method of marking parcels being shipped over long distances, during which many days (and often even weeks) will pass before they reach the customer's hands.

Thermal transfer and thermal labels of the highest quality

Produced by us, thermal transfer and thermal labels for printers, due to the use of the latest technology and our experience, are an excellent choice for any professional company that values the high-quality of the ordered products.We would be happy to answer any questions about the product range. As for labels, a printer using our solutions is definitely going to meet any requirements. For more information, please contact us by phone or email. The A-Z Color producer of thermal labels for printers is available to you at all time.

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