Essential changes in the production process of flexible packaging and labels

Essential changes in the production process of flexible packaging and labels

A-Z Color has implemented a substantial change in the production process of flexible packaging in short runs. We now have the ability to make the stage of semi-rotary die-cutting, ink coating and additional finishing in a single production cycle.

An important aspect of this installation is the ability to add, or apply additional finishing to labels already made on other machines. Such a solution could not be realized before by the lack of semi-rotary technologies. The installed machine gives the possibility to use one circuit of the form rollers, and one magnetic cylinder, which significantly saves the amount of tooling as in the case of traditional flexographic printing technology. An important issue is the ability to use die-cutters as small as 50mm, which can significantly affect production costs, and this is very important in the case of short runs.

In addition, we have implemented technology that positively impacts the environment by reducing water use, implementing low- and zero-waste technologies, and reducing wastewater generation.

The installed washer is designed for closed-circuit operation. It is equipped with a tank for washing fluid, a filter, an aerator and a cleaning brush to help get rid of dirt from hard-to-reach parts of the printing machine. The fluid is heated and aerated, which improves its properties and extends its shelf life. After removing the cleaned parts from the washer, all that is needed is to dry them. In the case of traditional cleaning methods, without the washer, cotton cleaning cloth, washing liquid, and significant amounts of water would be used to rinse out the ink residue.


And all this was made possible with the support of European Funds. You can read more about the project in the tab Implementations/EU projects

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