Laminating - advantages of lamination in label production

Laminating - advantages of lamination in label production

Are you wondering how to increase the quality of your products? No matter what you do, both the product and its packaging, including the label, are important. It should not only contain information about the article and an appealing description. If it goes on a bottle of shampoo or a jar of food, it must be resistant to adverse conditions such as moisture or low temperatures. This is helped by the technique of print lamination, which is a special protection of the sticker. Read our article and learn about the advantages of this method!


Why should you laminate labels?

Before explaining for what purpose such a procedure is performed, let's start at the beginning. On which types of products do laminated labels go? First of all, we can see them on cosmetics and daily necessities, also known as fast-moving consumer goods. The FMCG category, or Fast Moving Consumer Goods, includes cleaning products, beverages and candy, in addition to personal care products. It includes non-prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco products. Some of these will be in the bathroom or refrigerator after purchase, exposed to a range of adverse factors.

Appropriate label protection techniques enable them to maintain color aesthetics and high print quality. To this end, self-adhesive labels undergo lamination. They must be resistant to water and moisture, as well as to changing temperatures. They must not peel off from the packaging despite storage, for example, in a shower cabin or on a refrigerator door. To protect the product from delamination, change of structure, etc., it is enough to apply a thin layer of film on its surface.


What does lamination involve?

If you are interested in methods of print protection, you can check what solutions we offer to customers. In the printing house "A-Z Color", in addition to varnishing or protection with special paints, we use print lamination. Covered with a transparent film, the label becomes slightly harder, and when attached to the product packaging (such as a bottle) - more resistant. It is worth noting that this technique is used after printing and before die-cutting the labels to a specific format.

In addition to the protection itself against various types of damage, the lamination technique can positively affect the appearance of the label. A glossy laminate increases the intensity of its colors, while a matte one adds elegance to the labels. There is also a third option, which, due to its rather high price, is chosen for premium products. This is a matte soft-touch laminate, which is more scratch-resistant than the standard matte variant. It features a soft-touch texture that is pleasant to the touch.


The main advantages of label lamination

Securing products with this method has many advantages. Among other things, it is enough to laminate the label to make it much more resistant to smudging or printing abrasion. For example, it will exhibit greater durability during contact with the substance on which it is placed. It will not be damaged when cooking oil or greasy cream gets on its surface. The same applies to other external factors that could change the appearance or structure of the label if it were not laminated.

Thanks to this technique, protection against delamination under the influence of moisture is achieved. This is especially important for cosmetics that are usually stored in the bathroom. Shampoo, shower gel, etc. are sometimes put in the shower cabin, and therefore regularly come into contact with water. Further advantages of label lamination are the choice of finish, as well as improved design. Using this method, the aesthetics of printing can be improved.


Who performs the lamination?

It is worth ensuring that the product you offer to customers looks good. Otherwise, your assortment will not be attractive to potential buyers, as they may consider it unprofessional. Laminating labels is a sensible solution not only for food items, but also for cosmetics and household chemicals. Labels protected in this way will remain legible and the colors vibrant even after a long stay in the refrigerator or bathroom. We encourage you to read more articles about the advantages of different printing techniques.

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