Printing varnishing - types and application of varnishing in label printing

Printing varnishing - types and application of varnishing in label printing

Producers today are looking for unconventional methods to attract customer attention. Among the numerous ways suggested by modern marketing is label varnishing. This makes product packaging, but also advertising leaflets and other advertising media look more attractive. Read our article and you will learn for what purpose print varnishing is used, what are the types of this method. Learn about its applications and see if it's the solution for you. Please feel free to read it!

What is printing varnishing?

The surfaces of items offered to customers can have various graphics and text. Often the backing of the labels on their packaging is covered with an additional layer to protect the label. It protects it from scratches, moisture or low temperature, so that it does not peel off from glass or plastic in the refrigerator or on the bathroom shelf. An effective method of such protection can be print varnishing. The procedure is based on applying a colorless coating to the entire surface or selected graphic elements.

If you're wondering, for what purpose is a print varnished? Covering the surface with either UV or dispersion varnish both shields it from external factors and can also decorate it. It's a very simple, as well as giving great results technique, so it's no wonder that today there are many types of printing varnishes. Depending on the customer's expectations, the area covered with such a product can be glossy or matte. This way it can be easily protected against UV radiation, scratches or stains. The printout will thus look aesthetically pleasing for longer.


What does print varnishing provide?

In addition to protecting the surface of the label, the varnishing process gives the print a unique look. It can help bring out the depth of color. The primary use of varnishing is to protect the surface with a layer of special varnish. It provides protection for the ink from wear, in addition to increasing durability (when the product is applied to the entire sheet). If the customer wishes, it can be matte or glossy.


What are the methods of printing varnishing?

There are two basic types of method: overall and selective. The first consists in covering the entire sheet of paper with a layer of special varnish. This makes the varnished product more durable. It becomes more resistant and has greater rigidity.

Another solution is the selective technique. It is based, for its part, on fragmentary application of substances only on selected areas of the printout. It can be used to highlight specific areas - an advertising slogan, company logo, photo or graphic sign. This is a great method of making a label or other print media more attractive. It can be used to highlight exactly what the producer wants to point out.


Why choose varnishing?

By using this technique, it is possible to decorate and protect at the same time, so it is easy to understand its popularity among printing customers. Another important advantage is the variety of varnishes used during varnishing. Just choose the right one to suit your needs. Dispersion variants consist, among other things, of agents that increase the flexibility of the coating that goes onto the varnished print. UV versions are fixed to the surface using UV light.

There are also fluorescent options on the market, which glow in the dark, scented options, and thermal options, which change color when exposed to temperature. Scratch-off varnishes are also available, which can be found on scratch cards in number games and lotteries. Print varnishing provides plenty of opportunities to improve the design of one's product and increase its functionality.


Where can you order label varnishing?

If you are thinking about methods to attract consumers, changing the layout of the products you offer may be a good idea. The same goes for your next line of items (such as a new series of cosmetics or food items). Find out what types of print varnishing will be the best option with your assortment. You can find answers to these questions, as well as help and advice on labels, at our printing house. We also encourage you to follow the posts - thanks to them you will expand your knowledge of the latest finishing techniques.

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