Printing varnishing - types and application of varnishing in label printing

Producers today are looking for unconventional methods to attract customer attention. Among the numerous ways suggested by modern marketing is label varnishing. This makes product packaging, but also advertising leaflets and other advertising media look more attractive. Read our article and you will learn for what purpose print varnishing is used, what are the types of this method. Learn about its applications and see if it's the solution for you. Please feel free to read it!


What is the difference between cold stamping and hot stamping

Nowadays, producers have many possibilities to encourage customers to buy their items. They can invest in appropriate advertising and attract the buyer's attention with the design of the products. Among the options they are using more and more often is the print finishing of labels found on products. Depending on their needs, they choose either cold stamping or hot stamping. What are the differences between these techniques? Read the article and you will get to know them better!


Cold stamping – gold and silver finishes in labels printing

Among the most common methods of printing labels for products, there are several main options. One of them is called cold stamping. If you want to learn what this technique is, as well as its main advantages, read our latest article. You can make sure that the labels on your products could be created using this solution. We would encourage you to read our post!


Laminating - advantages of lamination in label production

Are you wondering how to increase the quality of your products? No matter what you do, both the product and its packaging, including the label, are important. It should not only contain information about the article and an appealing description. If it goes on a bottle of shampoo or a jar of food, it must be resistant to adverse conditions such as moisture or low temperatures. This is helped by the technique of print lamination, which is a special protection of the sticker. Read our article and learn about the advantages of this method!


Print finishing techniques - types and methods of finishing

Nowadays, there are many methods that allow companies to attract the attention of customers. This is of considerable importance in an era of large, dynamic competition, as it allows you to stand out in the market (in a given sector). Potential buyers can be interested in the offer thanks to, among other things, various print finishing techniques. Due to them, advertising media have a more attractive design, and will serve their purpose longer. Find out what it is, and learn more about the different types of this process. We encourage you to read on!


Printing techniques - relief, gravure and flat printing

Nowadays you can meet with various methods of applying content to surfaces. These can be both informational and advertising data, and the substrate can be paper, film or other material. We encourage you to read our article on the most well-known printing techniques. You will learn from it what gravure, relief and flat printing is all about. You will see which of the described types will work for your business, and which is better to give up. Reach for the knowledge we have prepared for you!


What is flexible packaging - applications and advantages of flexible packaging

What group do foils from sweet or salty snacks like chips belong to? Boxes of breakfast cereals, instant meals or candy bar papers are all so-called flexible or otherwise flexible packaging. If you're a food manufacturer, for example, you're probably wondering which ones to choose. Read our article and you will find out what are the most important advantages and applications of this type of assortment. You'll learn about the techniques of printing on such surfaces and check which ones display features such as durability or resistance to external factors. Keep reading to know more!


Trends in label design. How to distinguish your product?

A globalized market means huge competition, so manufacturers need to find ways to distinguish their products. One of the most important marketing tools is the design of labels, which are the product's business card and can attract consumer attention. Over the past few years, a lot has changed in this area - new solutions, such as label personalization, are constantly appearing, changing the way products are presented on store shelves. We point out the most important trends that influence label design today and suggest how to use them in your business.


7 tips on how to choose a professional label printing house

Choosing the right label printing house is one of many important steps in the process of creating unique products that will stand out in a competitive market. Regardless of the industry, the quality of packaging is of huge importance for brand image and attracting customer attention. Therefore, it is worth investing time in the search for an operator that offers label printing. We have prepared a set of prompts to help you make the right decision. They will benefit anyone wondering how to choose a printing house, regardless of whether they are just launching their products on the market or want to change their label supplier.


Just what is flexographic printing and what does it involve?

Flexographic printing is one of the printing techniques. Used e.g. in label printing and is an extremely effective way of printing. Learn more about flexography in our article.


Product labeling rules

Placing information on product packaging has a long history. However, the last decade has brought a number of legislative changes that manufacturers must adapt to. 


Key features of product and packaging labels

Labels fulfill many functions supporting sales, product promotions, recognition or access to product information.


The product label - what should it contain?

The design and implementation of an in-line product labeling system is subject to a number of legal regulations. EU legislation forces entrepreneurs to standardize the labeling process. This approach results in improved safety for consumers and reduced logistical problems. So what should be on the packaging and what should the product label contain? What information should be conveyed to the end consumer so that he or she has the opportunity to make an informed purchasing decision? 

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