Kurpiowski Winter Ultramarathon

On February 4, the Kurpiowski Winter Ultramarathon took place in the Lelis commune. Our company had a small part in it.


Essential changes in the production process of flexible packaging and labels

A-Z Color has implemented a substantial change in the production process of flexible packaging in short runs. We now have the ability to make the stage of semi-rotary die-cutting, ink coating and additional finishing in a single production cycle.



A-Z Color is awarded again in the "Well Seen Company" competition

On November 24, the official finale of the 14th edition of the "Well Seen Company" competition took place.

The purpose of the competition is to promote companies that conduct socially responsible business and to spread knowledge about corporate social responsibility.


Family Day part 2

To give everyone the opportunity to visit the company of their Parents (and Grandparents), on August 7 the younger generation of our employees once again crossed the doors of our company.


Family Day at A-Z Color

On July 24, we had special guests at the Printing House. At 10:00 a.m. a group of about 30 young people arrived at our doorstep.

It was a Family Day for the children of our employees.


BCC committee meeting for Families in A-Z Color

On June 15, 2023, the next meeting of the "BCC for Families" committee was held at the headquarters of A-Z Color.


Polish Road Cycling Championships with support from A-Z Color

The Polish Road Cycling Championships took place in our region from June 21-25, and we were pleased to support the event.


Printers' Day 2023 and a trip to the Podlasie region

This year we celebrated Printer's Day on June 4 with an away trip to Podlasie.


Ambassador of the Polish Economy

On May 23, 2023, during the finale ceremony in Warsaw, were awarded prizes to the winners of the "Ambassador of the Polish Economy", organized by the Business Centre Club, with honorary patronage taken by the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.


Interpack 2023 – simply unique

When the global packaging industry meets in Düsseldorf - you know it's Interpack.


A-Z Color Laureate of the Well-Perceived Company Competition

On November 29, at the Staszic Palace in Warsaw, the grand finale of the 13th edition of the "Well-Perceived Company" competition took place.


30th anniversary of A-Z Color

April 22 this year. A-Z Color label printing house from Ostrołęka celebrated its 30th anniversary together with employees, customers, suppliers and representatives of local authorities.


Vision systems - higher level of security

Our goal is to guarantee our customers a safe, original and flawlessly printed product, while ensuring the comfort of work for our printers and all employees responsible for a given process: from design to delivery to the store shelf.

That is why we invested in the EyeC ProofRunner and Proofiler 600 DT devices .


New - photostabilization of printing colors

The problem of color loss due to sunlight is common on a global scale. A product packed in a package with a faded label will simply not sell!

Think about it today and secure your product.


EyeC Proofiler - equipment straight from the saga about agent 007

In Spectra, Franz Oberhauser, the filmmaker of the ubiquitous and permanent surveillance system, says to James Bond: "You can't see what's in front of your eyes."


New - securing labels


Counterfeiting of products such as: food, cosmetics and medicines is common on a global scale and poses a real danger to the life and health of consumers!
Think about it today and secure your product.


Recycled raw materials

Did you know that the amendment to European directives provides that by the end of 2025 at least 65% of all packaging will be recovered through preparation for re-use and recycling?


A-Z Color focuses on transparency

An attractive alternative to metallized films in the form of high-barrier transparent heat-sealable films for the production of flexible packaging has appeared on the packaging market, which extend the freshness of the packed products and their shelf life.

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